Jim Atkinson

Jim Atkinson

Jim Atkinson is running for the Cedaredge board of trustees alongside five other candidates for three open seats. Atkinson said he wants to be on the Cedaredge board of trustees because he wants to help the town become more economically viable and efficient.

“[I] want to help the town,” Atkinson said. “I’ve been living here for about 13 years and I’ve just seen a lot of things go on inside town that need help, whether it be with contracts, construction, budgeting, infrastructure repairs, all of the above.”

Atkinson said his skillset would be beneficial to the town. He has a background in engineering, contracting and constructing, with a bachelor of science in civil engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He is a registered professional engineer in Colorado, several other states and the U.S. territory of Guam.

Atkinson additionally said he shares the same concern of the town’s economic state with other candidates and would hold economy high on the priority list. He would look at ways to improve the ability of the town to generate revenue.

“Things have gone on too long without being addressed,” Atkinson said. “Water line repairs, road maintenance, just infrastructure maintenance in general has gone on too long without being addressed and the way to address it is to figure out a way to get some money into the town coffers, so they can do those improvements.”

As it stands, Atkinson said he will frequently attends town meetings if there’s any item on the agenda of importance that affects the town. This included the Jan. 9 special meeting during which the board voted to approve a ballot measure to impose a mill levy in the Cedaredge golf course residential areas.

“I think my skillset would help the town immensely just to be able to do things that they haven’t otherwise been able to do,” Atkinson said.

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