Ken Volgamore

Ken Volgamore.

Orchard City Mayor Ken Volgamore is running for re-election for the April 7 municipal elections, and with that, his goal is to continue maintenance upkeep and complete projects that have been set in motion.

“I hope to accomplish the same as the way Orchard City’s been going the last number of years,” Volgamore said. He explained that he wanted to lead the board of trustees into a smooth completion of the Town of Orchard City’s big water plant project, in which maintenance is being done to the plant’s two existing filters and a third filter is being added to keep up with demand and provide a backup in case of other filters failing.

Volgamore’s ideas for Orchard City are mostly centered around water, as Orchard City collects no sales or property tax. As water is an important resource and also a primary revenue source for the town, Volgamore’s concerns also include ancient water lines.

“We’ve got water lines that have been in the ground since the ’60s — 64 miles of it — so we try to replace as much as we can every year, as much as we can afford,” Volgamore said. He also brought up the issue presented to the board of trustees by Trustee Dick Kirkpatrick at the February meeting. This issue was a noted amount of water loss between the plant and residents’ homes. Investigations are also currently attempting to determine whether the water plant’s meter is malfunctioning or if residents’ aging meters are slowing down and showing inaccurate numbers.

Despite these possibilities, Volgamore said he’s sure that they are losing water to underground leaks due to the amount of water within the plant compared to the same time last year.

Overall, Volgamore’s sole intention is to keep the town running smoothly, as it has been recently. He said that, while he’s not much of a politician, he’s determined to uphold this goal.

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