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KVNF Community Radio offers underwriting grants to small businesses in the Surface Creek area.

Update: The following story describes the grant process for KVNF matching grants. KVNF general manager, Ashley Krest, announced in a July 15 email that, as a result of the DCI story, the four remaining KVNF Community Radio grants have all been awarded. Please do not contact the station as outlined in the following story.

KVNF Community Radio continues to offer matching grants to small business owners who want to promote their enterprises. Eligible for grants are businesses with fewer than 20 employees which operate in the Surface Creek area. That includes Austin, Cedaredge, Cory, Eckert and Orchard City.

KVNF general manager, Ashley Krest, encourages small businesses to apply for the four remaining grants. Each matching grant provides a business with a $250 match towards an underwriting agreement that the business spends at least $250 (or more) with KVNF to get their message out on the radio. The matching half of that money comes from a grant provided by the Surface Creek Community Fund (SCCF). KVNF received the SCCF grant last year for a total of $1,500 to assist small businesses.

Billed as its “Teeny-Tiny Business Matching Fund,” the KVNF underwriting match is designed to help small businesses promote their products and services through radio announcements. Two Cedaredge-based businesses have already participated. KVNF has aired underwriting announcements for the first round of applicants, Cristee-Meade Building Company and Cedaredge Pharmacy.

The matching grants are still available. Applications can be submitted anytime from now to September. Interested businesses should contact KVNF at 970-527-4866 or email underwriting@KVNF.org.

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