Spring time is the perfect time to get outdoors, soak up the sun, or just play a bit. If you’ve been looking for a fun sport that you can enjoy year round, why not try disc golf?

William and Beth Mason, owners of Godfather’s Disc Golf Supply in Delta, can help you learn how to play or up your disc golf game with the latest equipment.

William who goes by “Mason” said he began playing the game in Texas using borrowed discs. After moving to Olathe, he began playing at Corn Fest Park on home-made baskets. A few years ago, he and his club helped raise money for new baskets at the park.

Mason lovingly gained the nickname “The Godfather” from his high school aged sons. Once he and his sons began playing tournaments and the nickname spread far and wide in the local disc golf community. The notoriety led “The Godfather” to start Montrose, Olathe, Delta or M.O.D Mafia disc golf club complete with its own Facebook page.

Around 2015, Mason said Dynamic Discs became a hot item. With nowhere in Montrose, Olathe or Delta to purchase the discs, Mason decided to begin his own business out of his garage.

“When you buy anything off the internet you don’t get to feel it, you don’t get look at it so, after ordering a few discs and being frustrated with what I received and how it flew. I decided I would start a disc golf supply company,” Mason said, ”and of course it was a no brainer to call it “Godfather’s.”

His first order was around 250 discs for his detached garage in Montrose. Mason was able to purchase the popular Dynamic Disks for his part-time business. He would take his product to local tournaments, run the prizes and sell his wares.

In 2017, Mason and Beth moved to Delta and found their current store location at 115 Fifth St. Beth runs the shop while Mason sells cars in Montrose. It’s a great fit for Beth who can spend time with the couple’s special needs son while she keeps an eye on the store.

This month Beth and Mason are celebrating the store’s second year anniversary at the Delta location. Over time, they’ve built up the small store’s inventory of discs, disc bags, towels, shirts, hats, keychains, magnets and other sport specific merchandise.

Near the cash register, there’s a board full of Godfather’s Disc Golf Supply punch cards. Each card is a reminder to the couple of the disc golf community in Montrose, Olathe and Delta.

“If you buy 10, you get one for free. All these people, they’re our friends. I have hundreds of friends through disc golf. And right this minute, we have the largest selection of disc golf discs on the Western Slope,” Mason said adding that the business has doubled since 2019.

Mason said because of COVID, he’s seeing new people get into the sport. Last year they gained between 50 and 75 new customers in Delta County all looking for a way to get outside during the pandemic.

“I heard a statistic that there was a 500% growth in the sport due to COVID,” Mason said, “ So, Dynamic Discs pretty much went out of stock and they still haven’t caught up with the need and it’s a year later.”

While some folks just like to fiddle with the sport, there are plenty of local tournaments for all levels of amateur players. Mason and Beth often supply the tournaments with prizes while introducing the Godfather name.

The average price for a disc at Godfather’s is between $12.99 to $21.99 for discs and the store currently carries around 800 discs. It only takes a driver, mid-range and a putter to get started in the sport and Mason and Beth are able to help customers find the best golf discs for their individual skill level and physical abilities.

“It’s all about distance. The driver is going to go the furthest. The mid-range is what you use to try and lay it close to the basket and the putter is used within 10 to 20 feet,” Mason said.

The main thing to know is that every disc flies differently for every person. It can be a bit of trial and error in the beginning. Beth said it’s not a bad idea to start off with purchasing used discs from the store and trying them out.

“We don’t make a lot of money off the used discs, but I like it because I’ve had so many people come in and they started with two of our used and now they’re on their third freebie disc,” she said.

Mason recommended getting plugged into a club like the M.O.D Mafia Disc Golf Club. He said his league breaks up into random groups of four so every week you play with different players. League play for M.O.D this year begins on Sunday, March 28, at Confluence Park.

Other great places to begin playing disc golf in the area include Tamarac Park in Delta, Riverbottom Park in Montrose, Cedaredge Middle School, and Hotchkiss Fairgrounds.

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