Cats at the Surface Creek Animal Shelter. Photo is used for illustrative purposes.

In Delta County, the overpopulation of cats is prominent, but an organization by the name of Delta County Colorado Cats is ramping up to make a difference in the local cat population by spaying and neutering more than 300 cats over this weekend.

The group operates as part of the No Kill Colorado mission, meaning their intention is to cut down on the feral cat population in a humane fashion while finding homes for many of those that are currently homeless. Delta County Colorado Cats is looking to the community for help, according to the organization liaison, Lori Hills.

According to Hills and the organization’s Facebook page, Delta County Cats Heinzen-Goetz Project, they’re seeking community donations of used but clean towels and linens, newspaper, paper towels, animal pee pads and new tarps. Any donation items can be dropped off at the Delta Police Department.

Delta County Colorado Cats is a nonprofit and runs off community support and donations. “We could really use the help as NoKillCO is already spending $10,000 per clinic to make this happen for Delta residents and cats,” Hills said.

Additionally, Hills said they will be looking for homes for several cats that are currently homeless. Many of these cats, due to the nature of their situation, are shy and would be useful as barn cats that could catch mice and other small pests. Hills said that they would require their owners to feed them supplementally, but that they would likely excel at hunting.

No Kill Colorado will be in motion over the weekend with their goal to spay or neuter over 300 cats. They will humanely trap the cats in public locations, perform the operation and decide with each individual cat where to go from there. Some cats are truly feral, in which case they would be released at the location where they were found. Some will be well-suited as barn cats and others could be adopted as traditional pets.

Delta County Colorado Cats is hoping to receive as many donations as they can as soon as possible. As of Monday, Hills said there have not yet been any donations.

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