Marathon 8

Dave Wilson comes around a corner, running competitively to beat his opponents.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

This abbreviated article is originally from Jan. 26 and is available online in its entirety.

A marathon is approximately 26 miles and 385 yards. It is normally run by adults, reportedly with an average age of 38.7 years old. It takes months of training and requires approximately a month of recovery time after the fact. The marathoner is then in need of build-up time before he or she is fully conditioned to run another marathon. For this reason, even professional marathoners in the peak of their running careers normally only run one or two marathons per year.

Cedaredge resident Dave Wilson is 69 years old, and he still runs close to that number of marathons a year. In June, he’ll turn 70 and step up to a new age category for people who are 70-74 years old.

Wilson said he has two particular people who he trains with. One is Montrose resident Jesse Long, who is 73 years old. “Jesse is probably the fastest 70-year-old in the state,” Wilson said.

The other running partner is 58-year-old Caroline McAndrews, who moved to Ridgway a year ago. “She trained with me starting back in 2000,” Wilson said, in California. Wilson and McAndrews ran marathons together.

On Oct. 13, Wilson ran the Chicago Marathon, where he qualified for the 2021 Boston Marathon, which will be on April 19, 2021 and will be the 125th anniversary of the race. According to Wilson, larger marathons like the Boston Marathon have a lottery that allows a certain amount of participants to enter, but runners mainly qualify for them with other marathons. McAndrews qualified for the same race at the Saint George Marathon, so Wilson and McAndrews will run the 125th Boston Marathon together.

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