Violet Peterson

Violet Peterson 

Violet is 10 years old and in the fourth grade at Paonia K-8 School. The school recently held a food drive to support local food pantries, with an incentive that the class that collected the most cans of food would receive a root beer float party. Violet’s class won the contest.

Violet definitely helped her class win, by bringing quite a few cans herself. She also is part of a choir, and she asked her fellow choir members to bring cans of food, that Violet took in to school to help her class win the contest.

This experience led Violet to want to do more to help out needy families and individuals in her community. She knew her family would be involved in a wine barrel tasting at Alfred Eames Cellars in Paonia. She talked to her mom about doing a bake sale to raise money to help the food pantry, and her mom was behind her 100%.

Her mom told Violet that when she was a toddler, their family was struggling financially and they relied on the food pantry to have the food they needed to get by. So, Violet got busy and did all the baking and cooking of cookies and puppy chow and put together 150 treat boxes that she sold at the barrel tasting event. From the sale of treat boxes and a donation jar, Violet raised $1,268 to help the food pantry provide food for those in need in her community.

This remarkable fourth grader can know that she has helped many families this winter. The Paonia Ministerial Alliance Food Bank wants her to know how much she and her efforts are appreciated by them and the families they serve.

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