Wade Kasmen

Wade Kasmen

With municipal elections coming up on April 7 for the Town of Orchard City, three candidates are running to fill three vacancies as town trustees. All three candidates will therefore be automatically elected in April.

One of those three soon-to-be trustees is Wade Kasmen.

Kasmen moved from the front range almost two years ago and decided to start attending town meetings to see how things worked in the Orchard City area.

“I wanted to get to know the area,” Kasmen said. “I wanted to understand how things worked around here. There’s obvious differences than you find on the front range, so I was just encouraged to go to some of the meetings the city had.”

Kasmen said he is a very logical thinker and doesn’t tend to let emotions get in the way of his judgment. Kasmen’s interest is in helping to preserve the things about Orchard City that its residents love.

“I kind of like where I live right now and I wouldn’t be happy if somebody in the five acres next to me put in a hog farm, but like right now, there wouldn’t be anything really to tell the guy no,” Kasmen said. “I guess I would like to see a little bit more structure from a development [standpoint].”

Kasmen stands for sustainable development in the Town of Orchard City that helps the town to thrive but not necessarily lose the rural nature it currently has. He said he wouldn’t want to ever see Orchard City start to look like the front range.

Kasmen will join the Orchard City board of trustees in April while Current Trustees Gynee Thomassen and Dick Kirkpatrick fill the other two open seats for their second terms.

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