Cory Post Office

Cory General Store and Post Office.

Staff of the postal service conducted a meeting at Orchard City Town Hall on Friday evening to discuss next steps for clients following the closure of the Cory General Store Post Office, which will allegedly take place April 3.

Included in the staff were Eckert Postmaster Signe Degraffenried, who is also in charge of the Cory location, and District Retail Manager Samantha Sears.

In the form of a question and answer session, the postal service representatives answered community questions and gave information on how to smoothly transition to either a box at a different post office or to home delivery.

First off, the representatives said that Cory postal customers will have to put in a change of address order once they know where they’ll want to receive mail in the future. The change of address order can be done at, or residents can go to a post office and fill out a card.

The change of address order will play a large role in the transition, as any mail that is slated for the Cory P.O. boxes will be automatically forwarded to the customers’ new address. Mail forwarding will be active for one year following the address change order. During that time, if customers receive mail with a yellow sticker that indicates that the receiving address is still the Cory location, they need to contact the sender and let them know of their change of address.

Degraffenried recommended that customers of the Cory Post Office should make all changes sooner rather than later, as an address change with the post office can take up to two weeks to take effect. The post office, which is closing due to the owners of the Cory Store building deciding not to renew their lease with the post office section of the building specifically, will close on April 3, but all customers’ P.O. boxes will need to be closed before that point, as April 3 is when they will be clearing that section of the building.

Customers will be given an appropriate refund for their boxes at the time they are closed. The refund will be for the remaining period of time that the customers’ last payment covered.

Residents who wish to install mailboxes for home delivery must call their municipality’s post office, depending on whether they have an Eckert or an Austin address, and have a location for a box approved by the postal service. At that point, residents will also be given height requirements for their boxes, as well as other state regulations when it comes to postal delivery.

Degraffenried told the public that they could call the Eckert Post Office during business hours with any questions regarding next steps.

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