By Makenna Hart

Merry Christmas from A Kidz Clinic! Here are a few tips to help keep the holiday cheer in a year that has been anything but cheery.

Buddy the Elf famously said “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loudly for all to hear.” Get out there and start singing! Just remember to wear your mask.

Remember the Grinch? He found the meaning of Christmas wasn’t packages, boxes or bags ... and his heart grew three times! Friendly reminder that gifts do not make Christmas.

Although it is recommended that family gatherings consist of only those in your home, Zoom, Google and FaceTime make seeing family a little easier this year.

This is for those cooking turkeys … remember to thaw it in time!

Finally, there is no such thing as too many sprinkles when it comes to decorating those Christmas cookies! Santa especially loves them.

We hope everyone has a safe and blessed Christmas, along with a Happy New Year! As always, we remain open with the exception of Christmas Eve (12-24) and Christmas Day (12-25), and New Year’s Eve (12-31) and New Year’s Day (1-1).

Makenna Hart, MS, is the clinic coordinator at A Kidz Clinic.

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