Needlerock Family Health Clinic

Jenny Mitchell stands in front of her state award for excellence in rural health that she earned in 2013.

Thanks to the focus and hard work of the Mitchell family, the small town of Crawford houses a dedicated health clinic for its residents. Jenny Mitchell, her husband Tim Mitchell and their daughter Jeneve Rose Mitchell, have combined their unique talents to provide the Crawford community with a medical facility. What is remarkable is that they have built the clinic as an independent project, which now operates as a non-profit organization.

In 1995, when Jenny and Tim honeymooned in Crawford, the couple formulated a plan that would enable them to settle in the small town. At the time Jenny was a registered nurse and they lived in Las Vegas. She said the dream of establishing a small clinic in Crawford provided her with the motivation to continue her medical training. Mitchell furthered her education to receive her Mmaster’s of Sscience in nursing degree (MSN) and family nurse practitioner certifications (FNP-C) in order to qualify as the operational head of an independent facility.

While the Mitchells worked on furthering their plan for construction, Jenny operated a mobile clinic in the North Fork Valley. Between 2008 and 2015 she provided house calls to local patients, many of them located in hard-to-reach locations induring all seasons. On top of operating the mobile unit, Mitchell wrote the grants applications that provided the means to buy the property and build the clinic. With $50,000 from the Gates Foundation and the same amount from Colorado Rural Health, the couple waswere able to buy the land where the clinic stands today.

The Mitchells bought a used mobile home and proceeded to gut and redesign the structure. Tim acted as general contractor. The family, with the help of volunteers and workers from the Delta Correctional Facility, completed the building in January, 2013.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell, the “Rocky Mountain Hillbilly Girl,” is an important part of the project’s success. Locals are familiar with her musical abilities, as she was a serious contender in 2015’s “American Idol” series. A musical wunderkind, not only did she serenade the workers as a 12- year old during the construction phase, but she raised some serious money at various fundraisers that enabled the work to carry on. Of course she continues her career nationwide and can also be seen performing with her equally-gifted father at local events.

The family’s successes reads like a perfect storm of talent, with each member contributing to a goal that not only showcases their talents, but also brings value to their chosen home.

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