Albion Ridge

A map of the proposed subdivision. The red dot signifies the place where David Garrett is currently building his own house, which is on Lot 1, the landlocked lot. The green lines show where the five lots will be. The vertical road to the left is Marshall's Road, while the road that curves up through the middle is Ellen's Way.

At the Jan. 8 Orchard City town meeting, the board of trustees approved a preliminary plan for a subdivision on the plot of land between Marshalls Road and Ellen’s Way in Cory. During the approval process, they were met by opposition from Planning Commission Chairwoman Pam Simpson, her husband, Gary, and two other constituents during constituent time.

The preliminary plan shows a plot of land that is owned by applicant David Garrett, who wants to subdivide the land into five different lots, as pictured. As the plan shows now, the lot where Garrett is currently building his own house, marked with a red dot on the map, will be landlocked from having a driveway that comes from Ellen’s Way and will therefore have to access Marshall’s Road instead.

Both Pam and Gary Simpson told the board of trustees that they objected to Garrett having an access to Marshall’s Road, claiming that bylaws from 2004 required that all properties on the parcel had to access Ellen’s Way.

Orchard City Town Clerk Melissa Oelke said that the Simpsons’ claims were incorrect, and that no law required Ellen’s Way to be the road that connected to the driveway. Additionally, the Simpsons allegedly wouldn’t provide a reason for their objections to the subdivision, neither during the meeting nor afterwards. While Pam Simpson is the planning commission’s chairwoman, the subdivisions preliminary plans were approved by a majority vote within the planning commission before they were passed on to the board of trustees.

A surveyor who attended the meeting stated that she thought there should be four lots instead of five. With four lots, no one’s property would have to be landlocked from Ellen’s Way.

With the way the plan is now, part of Garrett’s driveway would double as an access road to an irrigation ditch on the north side of the field. People would therefore have to use his driveway as the access road. Garrett said he wouldn’t have a problem with sharing part of his driveway for that reason.

The plan that the board of trustees approved was only a preliminary plan and is currently titled, “Albion Ridge Estates Subdivision.”

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