Jess Shelton swear-in

Mayor Richard Udd (right) swears in Jess Shelton as town clerk and economic development coordinator.

Town Clerk and Economic Development Coordinator Jess Shelton is sworn in:

Though a new town clerk and economic development coordinator, Amy Perkins, was sworn in less than a month ago, Perkins subsequently vacated the position for reasons unknown to the press at this time.

Therefore, at the June 16 Cedaredge Board of Trustees regular meeting, Mayor Richard Udd swore Jess Shelton, former deputy town clerk, into the higher position. As of the evening, Financial Director Tammie Francis noted that the town is reviewing 11 applications for the deputy clerk position vacated by Shelton.

Shelton has already stepped into her new role with the Town of Cedaredge and noted she is involved in a significant amount of planning for Applefest in October.

2021 audit and comprehensive annual financial report:

Brian Blair of Blair & Associates P.C. gave the audit and annual financial report to the trustees at Thursday’s meeting. In all, Blair said everything appeared to be in order, as there were no difficulties performing the audits nor any disagreements with town management. All fund balances had increased from the previous year, with the general fund having “almost doubled.”

Blair commended staff for their conservative budgeting for revenues, which ensured that expectations were not too high, and therefore, exceeded. Financial reports were clean and there appeared to be no “glaring issues.”

The board voted unanimously to accept the audit report later in the meeting.

Resolution 24-2022: Authorizing financial signers:

The board passed another resolution to authorize more financial signers — those authorized to sign for the spending of town funds. The six authorized signers are Town Administrator Kami Collins, Town Clerk and Economic Development Coordinator Jess Shelton, Chief of Police Dan Sanders, Finance Director Tammera Francis, Mayor Richard Udd and Treasurer and Trustee Mick Murray.

Francis noted that the increased number of authorized financial was due to recent difficulties in finding an authorized signer to be available when needed. She noted that she and Sanders were “emergency signers.”

Appointing Kathleen Ray to the Cedaredge Tree Board:

The board voted unanimously to appoint Kathleen Ray to the Cedaredge Tree Board.

Mosquito abatement program discussion:

Mayor Richard Udd informed the board that he has reached out to the North Fork Mosquito Abatement District and the Delta Mosquito Control District regarding pooling resources to help combat the mosquito issues.

Lucas Vader is a staff writer and photographer for the Delta County Independent. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter, @lucasrvader.

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