Charles Howe

Charles Howe

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

Charles Howe was appointed to the Cedaredge board of trustees to fill a vacancy at the start of the May 21 town meeting. He was sworn in before the board by Economic Development Coordinator and Town Clerk Kami Collins.

The vacancy was caused by Mayor Ray Hanson stepping up into his current role as mayor, therefore leaving behind an empty trustee seat.

During the municipal election cycle that concluded on April 7, Howe was a candidate for the very seat to which he was just appointed but did not make the cut at the time. Competition for the Cedaredge board of trustees was tougher, with six candidates running for three open seats on the board.

Letters of interest and answers to a questionnaire were due to the Cedaredge Town Hall by May 1 for whoever wanted to fill the seat. By that point, Howe was the only person to submit a letter, which he did after some consideration. Bob Michael, previous trustee, and Cyndi Payne, trustee candidate for the most recent election cycle, both withdrew themselves from consideration.

Payne submitted a letter which asked the board to appoint Howe, as he was a candidate who received votes from the community, therefore indicating that it would be a choice of the people and not exclusively of the board.

“At this time, I will withdraw from being considered for the vacancy,” Payne said. “Your remaining candidate (Charlie) will be an asset to the Cedaredge trustee position.”

The town did as Payne implored by appointing Howe, but it didn’t have a choice either way, as Howe was the only applicant.

Howe’s letter of interest came after an initial withdrawal from consideration as well, on April 10, according to Howe’s letter.

“After the first training session I realized it might be ninety days before a decision would be made as well as the possibility of waiting two years for the next election,” Howe said. “I did not want to wait and wonder for that long. After telling some friends I had withdrawn, their disappointment was greater than my own. Therefore, not wanting to let them down, I reentered my name for consideration.”

Howe did later say he was excited to serve on the board of trustees and to be a “team player” for the town.

Both Payne and Howe’s letters are available in their entirety in the May 19 work session packet.

The Cedaredge board of trustees now has no vacancies.

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