North Fork Senior Connections was awarded a $15,000 grant from Nextfifty Initiative, a private Colorado-based foundation, that will enable the non-profit to expand services to older adults throughout the North Fork Valley.

The grant will provide funding to continue individual services which serve to strengthen older adults — 65 and older — allowing them to maintain connections within their social and geographic communities while reducing the sense of isolation many older adults experience.

“We are thrilled that our organization which is designed to help older adults to age in place has received this grant from NextFifty Initiative,” said Randy Campbell, board chair for Senior Connections. “With the foundation’s support we can now launch a number of activities that go beyond individual services to finding creative solutions to ensure that we can all thrive as we age.”

“Our commitment to positively influencing the way individuals view and experience aging continues to inform the type of unique ideas, programs and organizations that we fund,” Diana McFall, acting CEO of NextFifty Initiative said in a recent press release.

“We see Senior Connections’ work in the aging space as an embodiment of our efforts to create a more positive and enlightened approach to aging. We offer our support and congratulations to North Fork Senior Connections,” McFall said.

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