In a letter to members of Blue Sage, Glenn Dahlgren, president of the Blue Sage board directors, announced staff layoffs.

Because expected revenues have fallen far short, the board of directors has been forced to reduce operating expenses. Executive director Carol Newman, who brought a wealth of artistic knowledge to the Blue Sage, and Christine Palofax, office assistant, were laid off.

"In the near future the Blue Sage will initiate an extensive reorganization plan to assure we move forward on a secure financial footing," Dahlgren said in his letter. "In the interim our board members and volunteers will staff the gallery and front desk on a limited basis. We will continue with our concert series, chorus programs, literary programs, Arts for All, previously scheduled events and fundraisers such as the upcoming Regatta at the Azura winery on June 24. All recurring classes will continue as usual."

Dahlgren said the board is looking forward to hearing from members about what they want to see from Blue Sage in the future.

"We will also be asking how we can assure that fundraising and membership revenue will reach the goals needed for success. We remain committed to our mission, which is to provide education and expression in the arts and humanities in order to enrich the North Fork Valley."

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