At the July 17 council meeting, a Crawford resident complained about the feral cat population that seems to originate at her neighbor's property. The woman estimates that about 40 cats come and go in the neighborhood. The feline overpopulation, she said, limits her family's ability to enjoy their backyard. She has tried to reach out to her neighbors to see if they can tackle the problem together, but has had no response. She said she has called the Delta County Health Department with no results.

The woman came before the board to ask if any of the trustees had any ideas as to her next step. Council agreed that animal control was limited outside of town and that the basic rule of thumb pivots on a "fence-out" philosophy. In other words the burden lies with the property owner to keep out unwanted domestic animals. Council wondered if perhaps animal hoarding was part of the problem. In this case, the aggrieved neighbor could start the paperwork with the county for a welfare check, which could show that the inside of the house next door might well pose a risk to both the resident and the neighborhood. Trustees discussed addressing the problem under the rubric of the town's nuisance ordinance. They agreed to reach out as a body to the health department to see if they could move toward a solution.

Trustees agreed to provide a letter of support for a Great Outdoors Colorado grant proposal by Crawford Montessori teacher, Cami Bair. The grant would fund a project to rework a slope behind the school to make the hill suitable for winter sledding. Bair has consulted an engineer, who approved the viability of the project. The school has to come up with a 25% match for the $60,000 grant. Bair is confident that the school can meet that match. She requested a letter of support once she's completed the necessary paperwork. Trustees agreed to support the project when the grant proposal was complete.

Bruce Bair, the public works director, reported that the fencing for the front rock wall and sidewalk was due to arrive last Friday. He also reported on a water leak, and on the outcomes of recent state-mandated sample testing for lead and copper. One site showed discernible levels of copper. More water testing for organic and inorganic materials is scheduled for August.

Bair also reported that work continues on lift station project, which is coming in under budget.

Town clerk Cally Gallegos reported that a total of $1,716 has been raised to replace the general fund outlay for the renovation work in front of town hall. Gallegos said she will reach out to the Friends of Crawford Town Hall to organize more fundraising.

Bair and Gallegos reported that they sent out annual letters to homeowners requesting that they eradicate weeds in their yards. Those who aren't in compliance will get an "assist" from the town, and receive a bill for the service.


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