Delta County Reads is a program that brings the community together to read a book and then watch the corresponding film. Delta County Libraries, along with the Blue Sage Literary Committee and the Paradise Theatre, have expanded the program each year since it began in 2016.

Now in its second year as a countywide program, Delta County Reads is featuring the book “The Story of Dr. Dolittle” by Hugh Lofting and the film “Dolittle.” Library patrons who check out the book between now and March 13 will receive a free pass to see the film at the Paradise Theatre in March.

In order to encourage participation, Delta County Libraries offered a mask-making workshop at the Blue Sage Center for the Arts.

“The Dolittle story is full of fun animal characters and the animal mask-making gives children an opportunity to get to know the characters in a hands-on way,” Haws said. “Children may decide to read the book or watch the movie while wearing their mask.”

Delta County Reads is a rewarding program for the community to embrace and offers all the makings for a fun transition into spring: free movie tickets, fun stories and crafts, and a delightful reading opportunity for all ages.

For more information on Delta County Reads or other library programs, contact your local library or visit

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