A week ago from Friday, Delta County’s variance request was accepted by the state. With that, the county took another large step toward waking up entirely. Throughout the following week, numerous businesses in Delta County stepped up to take advantage of the loosened restrictions and to invite people inside once more.

For everyone, these changes look different from case to case. Various businesses and venues in downtown Delta and the surrounding area were open in accordance with the variance including El Tapatio, My Place and the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce, which has been freshly remodeled during its closure.

Many locations around the county are utilizing patios and extra sidewalk spaces for outdoor dining, while also keeping the temporary option of takeout in order to transition while only 30% capacity is allowed by the variance. In the Surface Creek area, three restaurants that take advantage of the quiet, small town spaces are Creekside Cafe, Lost Mesa Grill and T’s Bar and Grill, all of which have space available outside their buildings. These advantages can be found in multiple locations across the county.

Church is back in session as well across the county. The First Baptist Church in Cedaredge recently welcomed a new pastor (see “New pastor at First Baptist Church comes with fresh ideas for fellowship in the name of God” on the DCI website), and he was able to preach to an in-person audience in Cedaredge for the first time on Sunday.

Many churches are moving forward with two services at this time, while others are allowing a limited audience while still live streaming services as well. (Check with your local church for specifics.)

Stories of success and hope have arisen from these reopens, such as My Place Bar, which has been busy since it opened after the variance, while Stacy’s on Main in Cedaredge opened its indoor seating on Tuesday to great success.

Bill Heddles Recreation Center partially reopened on Monday, though at that time, staff of the center reported an underwhelming first day back, as only the workout portion of the building could be open. At 3 p.m., a total of three people were utilizing the facility, and Tuesday it had under 20 people on the schedule. The pool, the basketball courts and otherwise everything besides the gym remain closed.

As Delta County rises from its uneventful sleep, certain events on the schedule for the year still remain. The Delta Area Chamber of Commerce is still planning aspects of Deltarado Days, minus the rodeo and a few other events, while the Cedaredge chamber is continuing to plan a full Applefest for the first weekend in October.

As far as bigger events go, the Crazy Raft Race that was planned for June 27 has been canceled. There have been no public announcements in regards to canceling the Independence Day fireworks show at Confluence Park.

In this stage, regulations continue to change, but many more businesses and organizations than those which have been mentioned in this article are inviting people inside once more.

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