Orchard City Town Hall

Orchard City Town Hall.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

The Orchard City board of trustees met in person with precautions in place on May 13, holding its first regular town meeting since March. This was the first regular Orchard City board meeting since Wade Kasmen, new trustee, was elected.

Election of mayor pro-tem

In the form of nominations and a majority vote, the board of trustees elected Trustee Jan Gage as mayor pro-tem for the next term. Gage was nominated by Trustee Doug Keller. Additionally, Trustee Gynee Thomassen was nominated by Trustee Dick Kirkpatrick. After nominations, the votes were written on notecards by the trustees and tallied by Town Administrator Melissa Oelke, and Gage was elected at that point.

Appointment of town clerk and treasurer

As a formality, the board of trustees reappointed Town Administrator and Clerk Melissa Oelke to her position of town clerk, as well as the position of treasurer, ensuring that roles stay the same in that manner.

The new committee appointments

As determined by Mayor Ken Volgamore, the 2020 committee appointments for the Town of Orchard City are as follows.

The water committee includes trustees Kirkpatrick and Kasmen, Oelke, Ron Scheetz, Herman Proctor, Greg Allen and Mike England.

The park committee includes trustees Thomassen and Kasmen, Oelke, Marty Gieck and David Boyd.

The planning commission includes trustees Doug Keller and Mel Cook, as well as Deputy Clerk Polly Proctor.

The finance committee includes trustees Kirkpatrick and Gage, as well as Oelke.

Trustee Gage is representing juvenile diversion for the town.

Adopting virtual meeting policy

The board of trustees unanimously adopted a resolution which will allow it to hold virtual meetings in the coming months, as long as the state of Colorado is still in a declared emergency. However, the board agreed to bring the matter back to a work session to potentially vote for a more permanent solution in the future, which would allow virtual meetings immediately if something prohibits it from meeting in person. This possible future ordinance would allegedly be an added precaution, though it could potentially allow trustees to call in if they are unable to attend a meeting. No details on this possible ordinance have been solidified, as the matter is still an early discussion.

Approval of contracts and services related to the water treatment plant construction

In regards to the upcoming water treatment plant project, the board approved JVA Construction administration services, as well as the contract with Moltz Construction. The town was recently awarded a $1,000,000 Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant, which is aiding the town to build the third filter that has been planned, as well as a fourth shell for easier future construction.

The project is slated to take place from September to mid-January, 2021.

Approval of a loan for the water treatment plant project

The board approved a loan from Colorado Water Resource and Power Development Authority for the water treatment plant project. This does not obligate the town to take out the entire amount, but instead signifies that the town will abide by the loan terms, and will therefore be eligible to take out a desired amount.

The loan provides up to $1.8 million and has a 1.5% interest rate for 20 years. At a later date, the board can accept any amount up to, but not exceeding, $1.8 million.

Eckert Cemetery water donation

The board unanimously voted to donate water to the Eckert Cemetery, as has been the custom for many years, according to Mayor Ken Volgamore.

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