Orchard City Town Hall

Orchard City Town Hall.

High water loss may potentially indicate malfunctions in audit meters or aging equipment

During the water committee report at the Feb. 12 Orchard City Board of Trustees meeting, Trustee Dick Kirkpatrick, who is on the water committee, brought an issue to the table concerning water loss.

“We’re having a pretty high percentage of loss and so what [Town Administrator Melissa Oelke] is in the process of setting up is to investigate two citizens,” Kirkpatrick said. “We were concerned that our audit meters might not be reporting accurately.”

Kirkpatrick told the board that audit meters are a new system and that they should overall be working correctly but that the water committee has “some concerns” with two meters. Additionally, Kirkpatrick said the committee was concerned about aging display meters.

“We have concerns with our meters that we all have in our front yards,” Kirkpatrick said. “Are they starting to get old enough that they’re slowing down and we’re not getting accurate counting of the water that’s being used?”

Kirkpatrick said Oelke and town staff are in the early stages of investigating the true cause of the water loss.

Water treatment plant loans will continue on a 20-year payment plan

The board had a brief discussion on whether to take out a low-interest loan for a 30-year payment plan instead of the 20-year plan that has already been discussed. Trustee Doug Keller said the traditional 30-year plan could still be paid off in 20 years and would not accumulate extra interest over the course of the extra 10 years. According to Keller, due to the nature of each loan, the 30-year loan would have flexibility and could be paid off early. The 20-year loan would have no flexibility and would come at a greater risk of penalties.

Trustee Craig Fuller brought up the point that, even though their board would currently agree to pay off a 30-year loan in 20 years, a future board of completely new trustees could decide not to follow that decision, which would ultimately cost the town more money.

The board voted to stick with the 20-year loan, four votes to three.

Agreement for professional services with Moltz Construction, Inc.

The Town of Orchard City Board of Trustees approved a professional contract with Moltz Construction, Inc. in regards to the town’s water system upgrade project. During the project, a new filter will be added and current filters will be repaired.

Approval of temporary liquor license permit for Apple Barrel

The board of trustees approved a temporary liquor license permit for Apple Barrel to be used for a special event.

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