Orchard City Town Hall

Orchard City Town Hall.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

Ordinance 2021-01: Mobile Home Park Amendment

The Town of Orchard City board of trustees acknowledged an ordinance amending mobile home parks in a minor way. The ordinance was more of a formality for code wording, mentioned as “basically an administrative correction” by Town Administrator Melissa Oelke.

The board did not vote on it but was made aware that there will be a public hearing on the matter at next month’s meeting, on Feb. 10.

Resolution 2021-01 Road Access Permit Fees

The board of trustees passed a resolution to increase road access permit fees from $100 to $150 for new road accesses.

J&L Subdivision Road Variance

Limited to a location within the J&L Subdivision, the board approved a small road variance.

Donation of old sound equipment

The recent board of trustees meeting was the first to feature newly purchased sound equipment, which was covered by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act due to the fact that it leads to more efficient virtual meetings. With that, the board discussed donating its old equipment to the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center and potentially Cedaredge High School if it decided it wants it.

No specifics have yet been determined, but the board unanimously agreed to donate the equipment to one or both of the organizations.

According to Town Administrator Melissa Oelke, the town has already been reimbursed by the CARES Act for the equipment it purchased.

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