Sentencing for Heather Jones, who was convicted in the shooting death of Paonia resident Ryan Redifer, has been continued until July 31.

Jones was convicted of second-degree murder in March and had been set for sentencing Friday. Because of COVID-19 restrictions that limit in-person court proceedings, the hearing has been continued.

In January 2018, Jones was visiting Redifer at the Paonia home he had purchased from her. He went out for the evening, leaving her behind, but when he returned, found his doors locked and called out. Jones shot him in the abdomen as he came inside.

Redifer clung to life for several months before succumbing to his injuries that September.

Jones maintained she was in fear for her life and thought Redifer was an intruder.

The defense put witnesses on the stand to establish that Jones was fearful of individuals who had threatened an acquaintance of hers, and that these same people might have tried to break into her own home in Delta County.

Redifer, who was interviewed prior to his death, told police he had called out to Jones when he found his doors locked. Prosecutors said at trial that Jones had opened fire without justification and that testimony she gave implied that Redifer should have been the one to change his behavior, even though he was entering his own home.

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