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With the Pioneer Town Museum having opened on June 13, the Surface Creek Valley Historical Society (SCVHS) began laying out its summer event schedule through all the COVID-19-related restrictions.

According to a news release from SCVHS Vice President Jerry McHugh, the upcoming Pioneer Town Talk on the Stolte Shed has been canceled. It was scheduled for this upcoming Friday.

However, other events have become clearer in the coming months.

On July 9, the Pioneer Town will host a talk regarding the first settlers of Cedaredge and the Surface Creek Valley. This talk will focus heavily on Otto August and Martha Jane Peterson, whose cabin now rests on the premises of the museum. It will be presented by Buckley Peterson, who is the great grandson of Otto and Martha. “Peterson and his family contributed greatly to the development of the valley, and Buckley has a lot of stories to tell,” McHugh said in the release.

According to McHugh, the Petersons contributed heavily to the development of the valley, and Otto was allegedly the first in the valley to plant an orchard. This ultimately led to other settlers of the valley planting trees as well.

On July 4, the cherry pie baking contest is still planned as before, as previously mentioned in an SCVHS news release. The admission cost for entry is $10, and that allows the contestant to invite three friends as well. The winner will receive a cash prize and a blue ribbon, the press release said. Judging will take place at 3 p.m.

Beyond Independence Day, the SCVHS is designating July 11 as “Pioneer Day,” at which point it will allow free entry to families of early settlers. “This will help us research families in the area that may be able to contribute stories or artifacts that would add to the experience of our visitors,” McHugh said. “We will have staff on hand to do some genealogy research, record stories and take photos of descendants of those who resided in the Surface Creek Valley more than 100 years ago.”

Pioneer Town also announced a further lineup of its Friday night Pioneer Town Talks, which will take place each Friday throughout the open season.

On July 16, Carolyn Anderson will talk about the Surface Creek Champion, which was the newspaper of the Cedaredge area from 1904-1943. This entire collection was digitized to an online database over the last year and has proven to be useful research for the society.

July 23 will see the history of the Bar-I Ranch as presented by Greg Scott and Linda Hudgins. The Bar-I Ranch spanned across what is now downtown Cedaredge, and it was a major player in the foundation of the town.

On July 30, Bruce Bertram is scheduled to give a talk on the Bertram Mink Farm.

The furthest solidly planned event at this time is “Art in the Arboretum,” which will take place Aug. 15. This is a show for local artists to display their work. Participants need to register ahead of time by emailing, as 12-foot social distancing is planned for this event.

In the category of less historical events, Pioneer Town will hold Dog Day Afternoon, a free dog training workshop with Bob McHugh. Participants just need to bring a dog and a leash.

Friday Social Hour is still planned regularly 5-7 p.m. every Friday for members only. “Membership is very affordable and helps Pioneer Town bring events to Cedaredge,” McHugh said.

Anyone wishing to stay up to date on these events can follow Pioneer Town on social media or check in regularly with its website,

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