By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

Members of the Orchard City and Cedaredge communities have become familiar with J&S Bakeria over the last several years, but upon reopening after a COVID-19-related shutdown, the restaurant has new owners and a new name.

J&C Pizzeria has taken its place, as Jennifer and Scott Chlarson, old owners, sold out. The closing day was in mid April, when Jess and Chris Shelton took over.

“My parents had owned a restaurant growing up and it’s what I enjoy, so I decided to go for it,” Jess Shelton said.

The Sheltons’ decision to buy J&S Bakeria came from a few visits to J&S when the Chlarsons still owned it, according to Jess.

“We live up in Cedaredge and we had come to J&S a few times, and we had talked to the owner and she told us that they were selling, and so my husband and I decided to purchase it,” Shelton said.

According to Shelton, J&C Pizzeria is a new business, as opposed to a business takeover, despite the slightly similar titles and the fact that the restaurant still sells pizza.

For one thing, the menu has been consolidated so that pizza is the main attraction of the restaurant, along with pasta, wings and salad. J&C does not have a bakery like J&S did, and Shelton indicated that this would give staff the opportunity to focus more on the pizza, of which there are over 20 different types of specialty items.

“A lot of things are changed, just processes and all that have changed,” Shelton said. “We’ve simplified and more or less, we wanted to be in the pizza industry instead of stretching ourselves thin like the previous owners had done by doing too much.”

On the aspect of convenience and instant food purchase, Shelton said that J&C will not only take orders for entire pizzas in the traditional sense, but they will also have pizza by the slice for instant purchase for anyone who is on a quick lunch break or passing through.

The pizza itself is made almost exclusively in-house, with homemade dough, sauce, veggies prepared fresh and so forth. The only exceptions, according to Shelton, are things like pepperonis, which come ready to go by nature.

“The dough is different,” Shelton said. “It’s fresh dough and it’s made periodically throughout the day. We never let it get very old. The marinara sauce has a [different] flavor because we use a lot of spices and seasonings.”

The chicken and salads are also prepared with fresh ingredients in-house.

J&C is currently offering online ordering, take and bakes, curbside pickup and deliveries during certain times, but once restrictions from COVID-19 back off, they will utilize their indoor seating area for dine-in, Shelton said.

As for the future, Shelton said that they’ve talked about potentially expanding the kitchen and doing some remodeling work, but that’s all on hold for now.

“Right now, we just want to get through this whole COVID thing and actually get up and running to full capacity and then we’ll look at, maybe, some changes,” Shelton said.

J&C Pizzeria is open Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-8 p.m., with deliveries available 4-7 p.m. They can be contacted at these times at 970-835-3656.

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