Plane Crash

A single engine Skyline Cessna crashes in a hay field near I Road and 1525 Road, Delta. No injuries.

At about noon on Friday, the Delta Police Department (DPD) reported a single plane crash near I Road and 1525 Road.

Dispatch advised that the pilot of the aircraft was unharmed and walking around the downed plane. Officers of DPD as well as deputies from the Delta County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene along with Delta County EMS. Upon arrival, a single engine Skyline Cessna was discovered to be on its top in a hay field just west of the 1525 Road and I Road intersection.

Initial investigations have shown that the plane was experiencing engine problems before the time of the crash. The pilot was attempting to return to Delta Blake Field airport, from where the plane had taken off about 30 minutes prior.

The FAA and NTSB were notified and the FAA will be leading the investigation as to why the plane crashed into a hay field. No one was injured in the plane or on the ground. No aviation fuel was leaking from the aircraft.

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