Mid-January brought cold weather and warm greetings between friends as the members of the Plant and Dig Garden Club gathered for the first meeting of the new year. This is always an important meeting since the group sets the schedule for the ensuing year. This is a collective effort of all members who are urged to bring their ideas for consideration. The following is the list of upcoming programs chosen for the ensuing 12 months:

February: A presentation by guest speaker Judy Davies entitled, “All About Seeds.”

March: “Birds 101” presented by guest speaker Linda Hansen.

April: A trip to the American White Yak Ranch in Crawford.

May: Field trip to Borden Farms Gourmet Produce and Flowers in Pea Green.

June: A tour of Zenzen Organics Hemp Farm in Paonia.

July: The annual wildflower hike on Grand Mesa.

August: Presentation by club member Phyllis Hoffman, “Composting and Rock Landscaping.”

September: The annual plant exchange/garden tour and a progressive luncheon.

October: “Harvesting Your Garden; Garlic & Bread Baking”; nomination of new officers.

November: Guest speaker Jim Leser, presenting a program entitled, “Trees.”

December: The annual Christmas party and gift exchange.

January 2021: Installation of new officers; planning meeting.

Members have again brought ideas for new opportunities of learning, both within the organization’s own very talented members as well as guest speakers, and visits to places of interest in the gardening/agricultural communities. The members look forward to expanding their knowledge of gardening practices and learning about many of the outstanding businesses within our area.

Although the winter weather prevents members from doing gardening chores outside, their thoughts are nonetheless focused in that direction, tweaked by the deluge of gardening, plant and seed catalogs that are clogging our mail boxes. The members are busy thumbing through them, making mental and real lists of all the seeds, new shrubs, flowers and veggies they would like to plant, whether a new variety of poppy, a “cottage garden oldie” that might add a special touch to a border bed, or a new strain of tomato that might do better than the one tried last year. Invariably, the lists grow out of proportion to time and space — and reality sets in, bringing members’ minds back to what is “possible” rather than what is “wished-for.” They come to realize that there is always “next year” when they can perhaps add those items scratched from their lists this year to next year’s dreams. That is one good thing about gardening: there is always “next year.” Mother Nature is kind to provide the organization and its members with that option. This club continues its dedication to learning about all aspects of gardening; commitment to our community through involvement with the maintenance of garden areas at Pioneer Town and Horizons Care Center; the offering of a scholarship for the Master Gardening program sponsored by Colorado State University; and of course, to friendship. All of these things help membres to be better gardeners, contributing citizens in our community, and provides them with an opportunity to enjoy lasting friendships. All good things.

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