Farmer Franks

The property on Highway 133 near Hotchkiss where the Brodel family ran Farmer Frank’s for 52 years was recently approved for a two-lot subdivision. Last week, the Delta County Planning Commission considered a request for a re-subdividing of the parcel after realizing the first subdivision difficult was difficult to market. The commission will recommend approval, with conditions.

The Delta County Planning Commission will recommend approval by the Board of County Commissioners for re-subdividing of the recently-approved Farmer Frank’s Subdivision, with conditions.

Located between Hotchkiss and Paonia on Highway 133, the subject property is the site of the former Farmer Frank’s clothing, hardware and shoe store, which was operated by the Brodel family from 1963-2015, and the Brodel home.

After a year and a half of trying to sell the land, explained co-owner and applicant Frankeita Davis, the Brodel family received approval from the county for a two-lot subdivision — one lot offering 1.05 acres and the commercial buildings, the other a single-family dwelling with farmland totaling roughly 21.8 acres.

Davis said the properties generated a lot of interest from potential buyers last summer, but no offers because neither lot was quite what buyers wanted.

They recently found a serious buyer wanting both the commercial buildings and some agricultural land. The applicants are now seeking to subdivide the larger lot into two lots, one residential/agricultural that includes the single-family dwelling, and the other to include commercial buildings with seven acres of agricultural land.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has approved a single access point for both lots, to align with the existing County Road M35.

The recommendation includes a clarification of easements related to both property access and irrigation and spring water access, and submittal by the applicants of a final plat showing the new lot lines and easements. Granting of commercial use may be subject to review under the Delta County Specific Development Regulations, depending on the proposed use of the buyers.

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