Ron Germann

Ron Germann

Delta County School District 50J school board member Ron Germann has been awarded the McGuffey Award from the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB). The award is given yearly to unique board members who bring committed and passionate service to their board work.

Germann was elected to the school board in 2013 and will be stepping down this November after completing his second term. A native of Colorado, Germann was born and raised in the Olathe area and has lived in Delta County for the past 13 years.

“Ron has been a very good board member with his integrity, honesty, and passion to always do what is best for students and the school district,” said Superintendent Caryn Gibson, who recognized Germann as a key leader on a number of important capital projects and facility maintenance.

While serving on the board, Germann was instrumental in obtaining and completing a $14.5 million dollar BEST grant for Delta Middle School. He also helped with the purchase and remodel of a new school district office and was an important part of the reorganization of the schools in the North Fork Valley.

“His knowledge of facilities, capital projects, and maintenance has been very beneficial for many years. Ron utilized his knowledge in maintaining a positive fund balance and creating a balanced budget during all his years of service,” Gibson said.

“While he has been on the school board, Delta County School District has been able to do some amazing projects because of the proactive financial planning. He has served as an engaged board member of the Delta County with a clear vision that is in line with the District’s motto of ‘Caring, Challenging, Learning . . . Every Student, Every Day’,” said the superintendent.

Germann was credited for his attending district functions, collaborating with fellow board members, district staff, and students while engaging community members.

“His theory of action includes being transparent, collaborative, and having the ability to stand up for what he believes is right while also being a good team member on the School Board,” said Gibson, adding that Germann has made it a point to visit each of the district’s 16 traditional schools.

Germann has served as the President of the Advisory Committee for the Technical College of the Rockies while creating positive relationships and engaging conversations with staff, parents, and the community.

Gibson said Germann has always maintained high expectations for student achievement and growth, embraces and monitors school data to drive continuous improvement and encourages a united team with the superintendent and the board.

“Ron Germann is deserving of the McGuffey Award and Delta County School District is forever grateful for his service and leadership,” said Gibson.

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