Linda Ewing

Linda Ewing

For this upcoming election, Nov. 5, voters will see three open school board seats, and three candidates to fill those seats on the ballot. Those candidates are: Linda Ewing is running for District 2, Beth Suppes is running for District 3, and Dan Burke for District 4. Each seat is for a four term, and are considered a director for the Delta County Board of Education. School board directors are voted for at large, so voters can vote in each district that appears on the ballot.

DCI sat down with each candidate and asked a few questions. The following is one of three candidate question and answers. The other candidates’ answers will be published in following editions.

Name: Linda Ewing

Occupation: Retired teacher

Q: What information about your family would you like to share?

A: I have a husband, Bob, two adult daughters, two adult stepsons, nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Q: How long have you lived in Delta County? Are you a native/ originally from Delta County? If not, how did you end up here?

A: I grew up in Paonia and graduated from Paonia High School. I lived in the Greeley area for 10 years. Then I returned to Delta County to teach, first at the vocational school then at Delta High School for almost 30 years.

Q: What is your education background?

A: After graduating from Paonia High School I attended the University of Northern Colorado (then Colorado State College) and received my bachelors of science in business, with an emphasis in economics. I then attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins and received my vocational credential. During my teaching career, I taught mathematics, careers, at-risk and vocational education.

Q: How are you currently involved in your community?

A: Currently, I haven’t been actively involved. This position will, again, give me that opportunity.

Q: Why are you running for school board? Is this your first time to run?

A: This is the first time I have run for the school board. I am looking forward to being able to work with the administration, teachers and the different communities in the district.

Q: What skills and knowledge do you believe you would bring to the board?

A: I have strong communication and organizational skills. Also, I know the area and the people which helps me understand the special uniqueness of our district.

Q: What do you see as the top two issues currently facing Delta County School District schools, and how would you address them?

A: One issue is the possible reconfiguration of the North Fork schools. I’m looking forward to listening to the needs and wants of the people in the valley and to their suggestions and ideas. The communities need to be a part of any discussion.

Another issue is the attraction and retention of teachers to our district. What do we need to do in order to continually have qualified and experienced teachers and what do we need to do to keep them? I look forward to visiting with our teachers and administrators and building on their suggestions.

Q: What’s one thing you believe the district could do better? Why?

A: We always need to try to make communication among the communities as clear and open as possible. It’s difficult when we have such diverse, unique, and sizes of towns and communities.

Q: Are you in support of Ballot Issue 5A? Why or why not?

A: Yes I do support this ballot issue. This mill ends in eight years but it’s vital now for our kids. The buses in our district transport our valuable students every day. It is important we provide safe transportation. Our buses are getting old and have way too many miles on them. Our maintenance barns do a tremendous job taking care of them, but they are reaching a point it is costing more and more just to maintain them and they have way too many miles. This ballot issue allows the school district to replace buses as needed without taking from the General Fund.

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