11/11 Campaign

Elegantly transitioning into the Christmas holiday cheer, the ambassadors took part in the 11/11 campaign. An effort made by Student Council to rein in the kindness within us all and bring to light efforts made by clubs and students. The school was in a comatose state of love and compassion as all were encouraged to do 11 acts of kindness during the month of November. The ambassadors of Delta High participated by delivering flowers and thoughtful cards to the hospital staff in recognition of their meaningful work. These upstanding students also made a unique and heartfelt effort when they crafted a cardboard bus and then went to the extent to fill it with goodie bags for all of the bus drivers, taking responsibility for the children of Delta daily.

A successful leader and academic Sarah Bules said, "I felt like it went fantastically. Many clubs and individuals in our school participated. It was all very well executed." The sophomore, an active member of the Ambassadors, helped in the making of the bus and delivery to the hospital. Pride, cheer, and positivity devoured the small school. A perfect way to glide into December and all that is to come with it. A kickstart to the charities evidenced by the toy drive organized by STUCO.

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