According to an announcement by the Delta County Sheriff’s Office on March 25, a unique honor has been bestowed upon the department as Sgt. Travis Lackey was awarded the 2021 American Red Cross, Western Colorado Chapter Hero of the Year Award, sponsored by Empower Retirement.

Lackey was applauded for “lifesaving efforts” in disarming a suicidal male in July 2020.

“Sergeant Lackey was recently awarded the Sheriff’s Office Lifesaving Award in October 2020 by Sheriff [Mark] Taylor and recognized by the Board of County Commissioners for his quick thinking and compassionate response to the dangerous situation,” DCSO reported on Facebook.

The incident took place the evening of July 31, 2020. A reportedly suicidal party with a handgun was being held down by his wife, who was trying to stop him from hurting himself.

Upon Lackey’s arrival, the subject quickly raised the gun to his head, but Lackey tackled him and took the gun from him.

“Sergeant Lackey’s quick thinking saved this man’s life and likely that of his wife as well given her close proximity to her husband had the gun discharged,” DCSO said. “Sergeant Lackey later showed compassion by comforting the male party’s wife and explained how her husband would receive the help he needed.”

According to DCSO, the suicidal male later wrote to Taylor, Undersheriff Quinn Archibeque and Lackey to “express his sincere appreciation for Sergeant Lackey’s actions that day.”

The award video for Lackey put on by Red Cross is linked to the online version of this article and has been shared by DCSO.

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