Three different crosses memorialize high school student Gannon Hines on the side of the road where the car accident happened. Gannon was reported to have died instantly as a result of Saturday’s crash.

The Delta High School student who died in the Nov. 9 car accident in Peach Valley was 18-year-old Gannon Hines, according to Colorado State Trooper Jeremy Tice.

Additionally, Tice said that the driver of the vehicle was Trevor Ledesma, 18, and the front seat passenger was Dairo Darrios Oelke, 18. As of this report, Ledesma and Oelke are stable at this time.

The vehicle was a 2019 Subaru WRX, which is a manual transmission sports vehicle.

Hines was in the back seat with a 17-year-old male whose name Tice could not release because of his status as a minor. The 17-year-old is in critical condition at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction, according to Tice. The extent of his injuries has not been confirmed.

Tice reported that the vehicle was heading eastbound. Investigations indicated that the vehicle had gone airborne at the crest of the hill, lost control and traveled off the road into a ditch off the left side of the road, according to Tice. It continued down the ditch until the ditch ended at an access road for the private property. It went airborne again upon hitting the raised access road, impacted fence posts of the property, landed on its wheels in the private field and rolled several times, ending up on its roof.

According to Tice, Hines and the 17-year-old were not restrained. As the vehicle rolled, they were both ejected.

The Delta County Sheriff’s Office reported that the accident took place near the intersection of 2100 Road and E Road in Delta, but the exact location of the accident has not yet been confirmed.

At the time of speaking to the press, Tice said Colorado State Patrol is currently in the process of calculating how fast the vehicle was going. “It’s pretty certain there was a speed factor to the crash,” Tice said.

Investigations are ongoing. More information will be released as it becomes available.

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