Cedaredge High School football stadium improved

Photo by Hank Lohmeyer Still under construction last week, a new announcer's booth along with grandstand seating will greet CHS Bruin football fans this season.

A completely reconstructed announcer's booth, also known as the "Crow's Nest," will greet Cedaredge Bruin football fans at home field games this fall.

The new Crow's Nest will be accompanied by a new set of grandstand bleachers for the Bruin fans.

The former Crow's Nest had been constructed some years ago because it was needed in order for the school to qualify to host a football playoff game, explained Principal Randy Brown. Over a number of years the wooden supports had served their useful lives and it was time for the structure to be replaced.

Primary contractors are Kissner G.C. and O'Hern Electric.

Mike Morgan of Kissner G.C. said that the new structure will provide far more floor space in the upstairs announcer's area. In addition, there is a downstairs storage area that will be available to coaches for storing equipment.


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