Data, hay crops show us wetter than average

Photo by Don Benjamin With help from summer rains, Delta County hayfields are yielding multiple cuts this year. Greater than normal rains remain in the forecast.

Delta County precipitation totals vary widely, with isolated downpours striking one portion of the county and other parts experiencing only scattered showers. However, monthly precipitation totals gleaned from the U.S. Climate Data website ( and data supplied by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration ( indicate that, thus far, the area has experienced a wetter than average summer. In comparing monthly total rainfall:

May -- 2018 - 0.07 inches; normal - 0.79 inches; 2019 - 1.38 inches;

June -- 2018 - 0.08; normal - 0.63 normal; 2019 - 0.70 inches;

July -- 2018 - 0.52; normal - 0.98 normal; 2019 - 3.4 inches.

Much of the sizeable July 2019 rainfall came with a memorable cloudburst beginning on July 18. Weather forecasters see more precipitation in the future. Based on historic averages, the period between August and November is typically the wettest time for Delta County.

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