A successful 47th annual Edge of the Cedars Art Show sponsored by Zeta Omicron Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha Sorority has been completed. Sixty-two artists exhibited a total of 190 entries which included paintings, photography, sculpture, pottery, stained glass and an open category. In addition to ribbons, a total of 16 monetary awards ranging from $25 to $250 were given. Through the generosity of sponsors, a total of $1,425 in cash and gift certificates was awarded.

Zeta Omicron presented a $1,000 scholarship to Max Moore, a 2019 Cedaredge High School graduate. He will be studing engineering at Colorado School of Mines in Golden.

Judge for this year's show was Wayne Mc-Kinzie. McKinzie was born in Warrensburg, Mo. His family moved many times during his youth, mostly living in small towns in Missouri, Oklahoma and Iowa. His artwork is influenced by the rural settings in which he grew up and worked. The effect of humans on the landscape and the random patterns created by a mixture of agriculture and nature can be seen in his expansive pieces. Using perspectives from ground level to 30,000 feet, he provides a unique view of the rural world that is around us.

McKinzie received his BA from Buena Vista University in Iowa in 1979. In addition to fine arts, he has a background in commercial art and illustration. He has had several one-person shows at galleries in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. His paintings have also been represented in group shows and galleries in Colorado and New Mexico.

After living in Fort Worth, Texas, for 27 years, McKinzie relocated to New Mexico in 2010 and presently lives in the Grand Mesa area. He is pleased to be back in a landscape that inspires him and is enjoying Colorado's influence on his work.

Judging Results

People's Choice -- Sheryl Williams, Delta, profssional pastel titled "Red Hat." Cash award sponsored by Double J Disposal, ProSpace Interiors, Delta County Memorial Hospital, Cedaredge Land Company/Perry Hotz and ESA Sorority.

Judge's Best of Show -- Marylou Felton, Basalt, professional pastel titled "Serenity." Cash award sponsored by Thelma Starner, Delta Orthopedic/John Knutson and ProSpace Interiors.

Best of Professional -- Ginny Wise, Cedaredge, pastel titled "Summer Aura." Csh award sponsored by Thelma Starner and ProSpace Interiors.

Best of Advanced -- Stephanie Rody, Montrose, watercolor titled "Mating Dance." Cash award sponsored by Mesa Moon Motel and Taylor Funeral Service.

Best of Amateur -- Dot Mulligan, Glenwood Springs, watercolor titled "Colors of Winter." Cash award sponsored by the AppleShed.

Best of Student -- Hannah Piland, Mesa, oil/acrylic titled "Deep Slough Reservoir." Cash award sponsored by Delta Orthopedic/John Knutson.

Special Awards

Selected by

Individual Sponsors

Western Rockies Appraisals/Diana Clayton -- Cash awards to Dana Smith, advanced digitally enhanced photography titled "Rocky Mountain High" and Diane St. Peter, Delta, advanced photography titled "Just Chillin."

Janice Jones -- Cash award to Sheryl Williams, Delta, professional watercolor titled "Barefoot Down the Road."

Benson Brothers Truck & Equipment -- Cash award to Larry Dumler, Cedaredge, advanced oil/acrylic titled "Into the Shadows."

Ribbons & Roses Antique Mall, Marcy Peterson -- Cash award to Fred Honchell, Delta, professional watercolor titled "From Bear Creek Trail."

Vela Ranches/Vela Family -- Cash award to Larry Dumler, Cedaredge, advanced oil/acrylic titled "September Song."

Mattes and More -- Gift certificate to Donna Faller, Grand Junction, advanced photography titled "Garfield Reflects."

Kevin Parks Insurance Agency -- Cash award to Ellen Brown, Montrose, amateur oil/acrylic titled "Blue Monday."

Mattes and More -- Gift certificate to Bill Faller, Grand Junction, advanced photography titled "Reminder of Past Technology."

Cedaredge Golf Course -- Golf packages to Lindy Palmer, Eckert, professional pastel titled "Pansies in a Pot" and D. Ann Schwietert, Cedaredge, advanced photography titled "Evening Stroll."

Delta County Memorial Hospital -- Cash award to James Norfleet, Montrose, professional sculpture titled "The Eagle is Landing."

Individual Placings


Oil/acrylic - Joe Milich, Cedaredge, first; Marty Rathburn, Cedaredge, second; Judy Rogan, Grand Junction, third; honorable mentions -- Joe Milich, Cedaredge (two); Susan Jochum, Cedaredge; and Barb Scheu, Montrose.

Watermedia -- Sheryl Williams, Delta, first; Roger Milway, Cedaredge, second; William Keaveny, Orchard City, third; honorable mentions -- Lindy Palmer, Eckert; Fred Honchell, Delta; William Keaveny, Orchard City; Nancy Martin, Glenwood Springs; Sheryl Williams, Delta (two); and Roxanne Morris, Montrose (two).

Graphics -- Marty Rathburn, Cedaredge, first; Penny Pallister, Mesa, second, third and honorable mention.

Photography -- Arlene Law, Glenwood Springs, first; Nolan Thornberry, Cedaredge, second.

Pastels -- Ginny Wise, Cedaredge, first; Marylou Felton, Basalt, second; Lindy Palmer, Eckert, third; honorable mention -- Ginny Wise, Cedaredge.

Mixed media -- Cynthia Sampson, Nucla, first; Lindy Palmer, Eckert, second; Cynthia Sampson, Nucla, third; honorable mention -- Linda Helmich, Glenwood Springs.

Sculpture -- Debra Bradley, Eckert, first; Michael Short, Cedaredge, second; Daphna Russell, Cedaredge, third and honorable mention.


Oil/acrylic -- Linda Aubrey, Delta, first; Larry Dumler, Cedaredge, second; H.C. Pemberton, Montrose, third; honorable mentions -- Larry Dumler, Cedaredge; Emmi Starks, Palisade; and Ann Hockenberry, Montrose.

Watermedia -- Stephanie Rody, Montrose, first; Barbara Poulin, Montrose, second; Sharon Hutchings, Grand Junction, third; honorable mentions -- Stephanie Rody, Montrose, and Judy Chapman, Delta.

Graphics -- Larry Dumler, Cedaredge, first; Ross Kirkham, Austin, second and third; honorable mentions -- Ross Kirkham, Austin, and Lael Van Riper, Montrose.

Pastels -- Emmi Starks, Palisade, first, second and third.

Mixed media -- Anastasia Kenner, Delta, first; Linda Aubrey, Delta, second; Anastasia Kenner, Delta, third; honorable mention -- Carol Vinz, Delta.

Photography -- Diane St. Peter, Delta, first; Bill Faller, Grand Junction, second; Dana Smith, Aurora, third; honorable mentions -- Dana Smith, Aurora (two); D. Ann Schwietert, Cedaredge (three); Linda Aubrey, Delta; Diane St. Peter, Delta (two).

Digitally enhanced photography -- Dana Smith, Aurora, first.


Oil/acrylic -- Mary Ann Johnson, Austin, first; Mary Seeley, Montrose, second; Ellen Brown, Montrose, third; honorable mention -- Mary Ann Johnson, Austin.

Watermedia -- Dot Mulligan, Glenwood Springs, first, second and third.

Pastels -- Pamela Lynch, Grand Junction, first and second.

Mixed media -- Ellen Brown, Montrose, first.

Sculpture -- Carole Langan, Grand Junction, first, second, third and honorable mention.


Oil/acrylics -- Hannah Piland, Mesa, first and second; Amarah Thompson, Grand Junction, third; honorable mention -- J.C. Vela, Eckert.

Watercolor -- Amarah Thompson, Grand Junction, first.

Graphics -- Max Moore, Cedaredge, first and second; Grace Hatheway, Cedaredge, third; honorable mentions -- Grace Hatheway and Max Moore.

Mixed media -- Grace Hatheway, Cedaredge, first; Amarah Thompson, Grand Junction, second; J.C. Vela, Eckert, third.

Photography -- Andrei Gaylord, Brentwood, Tenn., first, second and third.

Open category -- Grace Hatheway, Cedaredge, first.

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