The Orchard City Water Committee met July 10 in the morning to discuss the pending upgrades to the town's water treatment plant. At this time the plant HMI (Human Machine Interface) system runs on Windows 2007, which will soon be phased out. An HMI that improves upon the old capabilities is necessary to step up the efficacy of the treatment plant.

The town has received a proposal from Browns Hill Engineering & Controls, which recommends installing vmSCADA, a "server based virtual machine HMI" that provides availability, rapid disaster recovery, on and off site storage, multiple user access, and fully firewalled display and networking capabilities. Upgrading to SCADA addresses the tech side of the needed improvements.

Of course money enters the discussion. Presently there is no dollar amount floated for the improvements. Leeann Miller, a water engineer with JVA Engineering, did the preliminary report outlining the need to upgrade the plant. Miller is also in a position to research grant possibilities to fund the project. The plant also needs a third filter to move forward with its upgrades. The board discussed pre-purchasing the third filter to align with the two that are in service.

In the evening at the town council meeting the trustees swiftly dispatched several points of business, including:

• Accepting JVA's preliminary engineering study for the water treatment plant work.

• Adopting ordinance 2019-03. The revised ordinance allows for less restrictive guidelines for road classifications.

• Officially awarding the Knight Road waterline work to Frontier Pipeline.

• Approving the Gilliam Farm subdivision.

Trustee Craig Fuller reported on GOCO funded improvements to the town park, including a drinking water station, new gravel, and work on the t-ball lot. The kick wall for soccer practice is also completed and bids are being accepted for work on the dugout.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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