OC tackles infrastructure

Photo by Emy Lynn Roque Cisneros Frontier Pipeline Construction is installing Kaiser Road\'s new waterline in Orchard City. With the savings on this project, the town hopes to complete Knight Road this year, too.

Orchard City is set on fixing its aging infrastructure, and the Kaiser Road waterline project is one currently underway.

A few years ago, the OC water committee began discussing infrastructure projects. Around this same time, OC developed new water rates, which are helping to pay for the projects.

Priority was given to roads that showed high signs of deterioration. Last year the Mountain Village Subdivision waterline was replaced. Kaiser Road was up next because on a regular basis it was having to be repaired.

"Every time [staff] would clean the screens they'd be full of rust," said trustee Dick Kirkpatrick. This indicated the pipe was deteriorating from the inside out.

Originally staff estimated the project would cost around $300,000 but a bid came in at $42,000. OC is purchasing the materials for about $28,000, so the contract is for labor.

This same deterioration issue is occurring with Knight Road, which the committee originally planned to tackle in a couple years. However, since the bid for Kaiser Road came back well under estimated costs, they're looking to complete that project too this year with remaining funds.

Kaiser and Knight Road are approximately half a mile each.

"[Knight Road] will be more expensive because of more hydrants and taps. But if we can get it in with what's budgeted, that will be great," said Kirkpatrick.

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