Orchard City residents are reducing water use

Photo submitted On Aug. 10 town administrator Melissa Oelke reported that after checking Joe Gorrod\'s property and taking pictures, it did not appear his lilacs were sprayed by poison as he indicated.

During constituency time at the Aug. 8 meeting of the Orchard City trustees, Mary Ditlove expressed concern over not seeing a detailed disbursements ledger in the town financial statements. Trustee Gynee Thomasen was quick to say that the trustees do receive copies of detailed deposits and check details for all town accounts each month.

Town administrator Melissa Oelke showed her how each check is accounted for and written each month. "Any citizen can come in and see this," she said.

Ditlove also expressed desire for the finance committee to meet monthly and invite the public to participate.

Joe Gorrod commented that his lilacs are being sprayed by the poison meant for the goatheads on the side of the road. Mayor Volgamore explained that the sprayer is careful and doesn't spray when the wind is blowing and that they would check on the problem.

Under unfinished business the board revisited committee reassignments and voted to leave them unchanged until the next rotation. Then the board reviewed ordinance 2018-03 for Subdivision and Land Improvement Regulations.

Mayor Volgamore said the committees have been working on it for a long time and they want to "put it to rest." He opened a public hearing for the ordinance. No comments were made. All trustees voted on approving the ordinance.

Planning commission reported on the new discussion to rename Marshall Road. "There's confusion where it splits off and becomes Marshall Road East," said Mayor Pro-Tem Craig Fuller. "Should there be an emergency situation, there could be issues."

Trustee Jan Gage recommended allowing the residents to come up with names. Mayor Pro-Tem Fuller noted that protocol is to suggest a name and allow them to say yes or no.

"It's just up and coming, no decisions have been made yet," he said.

A series of committee reports followed. Trustees, in addition to attending two meetings a month, serve on committees that meet periodically. Only Water and Drought Task Force had items in its reports. Other committees have upcoming meetings.

For water, Trustee Kirkpatrick detailed that it has completed the Mountain Village subdivision water line. The committee is finalizing Steve Kehemier's proposal to relocate his water line. He is signing over his current line to the town for future use.

For upcoming meetings the committee will work on pipe bedding standards and reviewing planning commission's advisements on updating and requiring town standards for private water lines.

"I want to thank the citizens for their efforts," he said in conclusion. "We have reduced our water usage to where we knocked off about 12 million gallons."

As updates, road committee is determining a date for its meeting this month. Park committee is meeting Aug. 22.

The drought task force rescheduled its meeting for Aug. 14 at 7 p.m. Keller reported the main concern is on determining when to call a drought.

To conclude the meeting, Mayor Volgamore thanked the staff for fielding questions and concerns after the recent water bills went out with penalties for excessive use.

Most trustees concluded their comments by thanking the citizens for their help during the drought whether through donating water to the park, attending meetings or conserving water.

"Our neighbor even takes his bathwater and uses it to water his trees," said Trustee Thomaseen.

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