A sunny summer day greeted the members of the Plant & Dig Garden Club as it gathered at the home of Joan Chambers for its June meeting. After the "necessities of the day," (greetings between members, refreshments and the meeting), Joan gave a brief talk on the origins of the rose and its care and uses throughout the modern-day garden. A summary of her information was handed out to the members for future reference. One thing of interest to the members is that noted English garden expert and author Catherine Horwood in her book, "Rose," stated that "Rose fossils dating to 40 million years ago have been found in Colorado." This may give our state the distinction of being the birthplace in a round-about way of every rose variety that we now enjoy. Pretty awesome!! After a question and answer session, members toured Joan's garden and saw how she has utilized this versatile and beautiful plant.

July's meeting takes our members to Grand Mesa for our annual wildflower tour. This is an activity we all look forward to every year. And this year, with more than adequate amounts of precipitation, we expect the viewing to be spectacular. We will be lunching afterward at Alexander Lake Lodge. We will be viewing Mother Nature at her best with her wildflower display and enjoying local cuisine to top off another wonderful day in our awesome countryside.

Pioneer Town activity is at fever pitch with our maintenance of the two beds outside the west entrance to the welcome center. Members take a week, sometimes one in each month, to volunteer their time for weeding and deadheading plants so that the beds here always look their best. It is our way of giving back to our community and helping to maintain this historic site along with all the other volunteers who keep it running smoothly for the enjoyment of all who wish to learn about pioneer life in this region. Please note: head volunteer groundskeeper Greg Hart has made known the urgent need for volunteers who are willing to help maintain some of the other flower beds within the grounds. If you would like to help, you may call the welcome center, 856-7554, and your information will be passed on to Greg.

Our club's activity at Horizons Care Center is on hold. Other garden clubs in the area are doing the maintenance chores there at the present time. It is a special treat for all the clubs in the area to participate in this worthwhile activity, giving all of us a sense of camaraderie as we work together, each club taking its turn. Our members will be taking over next month and look forward to doing our share.

Our club sponsors a scholarship for anyone interested in enhancing his/her knowledge and ability in the art of gardening through the master gardener program sponsored by Colorado State University. Classes are held in Grand Junction for eight weeks during January and February. The scholarship includes tuition and some money toward supplies needed for the class. If you are interested in submitting an application for club approval, please contact Patt Jones, president, at 970-319-6254 or Joan Chambers at 970-901-9360.

July brings out the best in everyone's garden, for hot summer days are "growing days." And whatever your garden contains, enjoy it to the fullest as we do ours.

Joan Chambers

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