community hospital

Few moments in life match the joy of learning that you are expecting an addition to your family. Choosing the right health care facility to welcome your bundle of joy into the world is an important decision. The Birth Place at Community Hospital in Grand Junction is an eight bed LDRP that includes labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care. This is significant because once the expectant parent(s) enter the hospital, they will remain in the same room they delivered in until they are discharged, without having to move to a different floor or unit, which enhances continuity of care.

When expectant parents choose The Birth Place at Community Hospital, they will enjoy private parking, and a private entrance with an elevator that takes them directly to the labor and delivery unit. Each family also enjoys a steak and shrimp dinner prior to leaving the hospital or has the option to take home a beautiful gift basket to enjoy at a later date to celebrate their new bundle of joy.

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