Diane Dockter

Diane Dockter

According to a government survey, 28% of U.S. men and 17% of U.S. women don’t have a personal doctor or healthcare provider. At Delta County Memorial Hospital’s Family Medicine Clinic, it is our goal to be the community’s first choice for accessible, high-quality health services for the entire family.

Having a primary care provider is the foundation of your healthcare. Offering a range of services, primary care or family practice providers are made up of physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants. These highly trained professionals provide preventative services to keep you healthy, identify risk factors, make referrals and manage your medications or chronic diseases for a longer, healthier life.

One of the services that primary care providers perform in their offices is numerous dermatological procedures. Primary care providers are trained to perform skin excisions for suspicious moles or lesions and are trained to remove warts and cysts.

Primary care providers can also work with obstetrics and pediatric populations. They are highly trained in pediatrics and obstetrics to provide high-quality care for the entire family. Primary care providers can also do numerous surgical procedures in their offices such as vasectomies, circumcisions, biopsies, ultrasounds and much more.

At DCMH Family Medicine we also offer integrated behavioral health services because we understand that our job is to care for your physical and mental health. As the primary care provider in your community, we also make referrals to specialists and order bloodwork when necessary. Primary care providers also decrease ER or urgent care visits, making time for you to be seen in their offices.

Primary care providers work as a team with specialists and facilities in your neighborhood to give you the best comprehensive care. If you do not have a primary care provider, get one today! DCMH Family Medicine clinic is accepting new patients every day without any paperwork.

Call today to make your appointment 970-874-5777.

Diane Dockter CPC, RMA, is the clinic manager at DCMH Family Medicine Clinic.

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