By Mckenzie Moore

Staff Writer

According to the Valley Organic Growers Association (VOGA), its board has been hard at work for the past few years, creating a logo for the North Fork Valley. This year, the logo finally came to fruition and is ready for use.

The logo was created by Paonia artist Phil Wassell, who hopes it will represent not only the landscape of the North Fork, but the people who live there and make their impact.

“It was a pleasure to work with [VOGA Program Director] Emily Hartnett and the rest of the VOGA team. They had a very clear vision of what they wanted the logo to look like, so the design process was straightforward,” Wassell said. “I hope the logo depicts the positive relationship between the people of the North Fork Valley and the land, air, and water that surrounds us here. Although there are no people visible in the design, the rows of tended crops signify the human touch.

“This place was here before us and it will continue to be here after we are gone. We can only do our best to take this stewardship and responsibility seriously while we have the opportunity to do so. It was an honor for me to create this logo. I hope our community enjoys it as well and can utilize it to bring more attention to this wonderful valley and the creative energy of its people.”

Currently, VOGA has 4-inch by 4-inch color stickers and 3-inch by 3-inch magnets available, and is looking to preorder 2-inch by 2-inch black and white stickers to be used on packaging for any VOGA member’s products.

By including the logo on products, VOGA hopes it will bring awareness to the North Fork Valley statewide as well as creating a widespread identity for the community.

“Through this logo, we are inspiring people to support our local producers, buy local, and take pride in living in this region. We are also appealing to a larger audience — our members sell much of their produce, fruit, meat, flowers, wine, and other products outside of Delta County and we are encouraging people across Colorado and in neighboring communities such as Crested Butte, Telluride, Ridgway, Carbondale, Aspen, etc. to support our growers in the North Fork Valley,” Emily Hartnett said. “We would like to encourage people to get to know this region of Western Colorado and support our local growers, businesses, artists and producers.”

VOGA is hoping to get the black-and-white stickers at 10 cents per piece, so local businesses can purchase a roll of 500 for $50. The stickers can be used to seal plastic bags, adorn the sides of produce boxes and will fit on regular mason jar lids. They will also be available to VOGA members as a digital image.

Anyone interested in the logo as a sticker, magnet, hat or T-shirt can email for more information.

“We hope this logo will be a way to brand the North Fork Valley as a unique region that inspires people to know who their farmer is, to know where their food comes from, to know why the food tastes so delicious, and to know how to preserve and protect this extraordinary place in Delta County,” Hartnett said. “We are seeing the agricultural spirit of the early 1900s continue to flourish in Delta County today and we are committed to a sustainable future for organic agriculture in the North Fork Valley and beyond.”

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