By Charlotte Tippett

When I drove into Delta County after the five-hour drive from Denver, I was in awe of the beautiful landscape, open roads and snow-capped mountains. In order to admire more of the countryside, I drive slowly from my house to A Kidz Clinic each day, where I am currently working as a Physician Assistant (PA) student for the summer.

Delta and the surrounding counties have more benefits than panoramic views. The healthcare provided by A Kidz Clinic is convenient, affordable and most of all, personable. At A Kidz Clinic and other surrounding primary care facilities, the providers have the advantage of building both a professional and personal relationship with their patients. As someone who has worked a range of settings from nonprofit clinics to large, hospital-based practices, I know this makes the coordination of care that much better.

A Kidz Clinic provides care from two nurse practitioners (NP). Both NPs and PAs play an important role in bringing primary care services to rural areas. In the wake of COVID-19, meeting with your primary care provider may be difficult, but it is extremely important to maintain your health. One way you can meet with your provider is through telehealth.

The internet has changed how we communicate, purchase goods, and even search for information about our health. This is true especially during the global pandemic. Telehealth, or healthcare provided through the internet, has the potential to make healthcare more accessible to people in rural areas. Examples include visits with your provider over the phone, refilling prescriptions online, or getting reminders when you need a flu shot or other preventive care.

Call A Kidz Clinic to ask about telehealth services and set up an appointment today.

Charlotte Tippett, PA-S2, is a child health associate/ physician assistant program student.

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