Cedaredge businesses

Top to bottom: Andrew Biszant, Bob Vader, Levi Denham and Larry Wright.

Larry and Joyce Wright’s highway-side building, that houses three businesses at the south edge of Cedaredge, got new signs Saturday, signifying a new era for the lot. The building is the home of the Wrights’ current business, Aspen Rock and Gem, their old business, which has been taken over by two long-time employees and renamed Grand Mesa Countertops, and Abel Art, Glass and Stone Memorials, owned by Lark Abel.

“We were changing all the businesses and we got new businesses so we decided it was time to put up new signs,” said Larry Wright, Aspen Rock and Gem co-owner and building co-owner.

Abel has extensive experience in sign-making and had worked on them between her customer orders over the course of six months. From there, Bob Vader, co-owner of Grand Mesa Countertops, formerly Wright Distributing, contacted APB Tree Service, LLC owner Andrew Biszant, who supplied his bucket truck to hang the highest of the signs.

“[We] decided to make it a group effort and get us all out there hanging them,” Vader said. “I said ‘I might be able to get Andrew to help us.’ He’s a good friend of ours and he was willing, so I figured that would be the safest way to do it.”

The lowest sign hangs 55 inches from the ground and the highest sign tops the 20-foot poles, bringing attention to Aspen Rock and Gem, Grand Mesa Countertops, and Abel Art, Glass and Stone Memorials.

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