Ty Walck

Ty Walck (left), senior at Cedaredge High School, receives the Orchard City Student of the Month award from Orchard City Mayor Ken Volgamore.

Ty Walck is a senior at Cedaredge High School. Over the last four years, he has been involved in varsity athletics, participating in a minimum of three sports per year. He has participated in National Honor Society (NHS), Student Council, FFA, Sources of Strength and various community service projects associated with those programs.

Walck believes the best part about growing up in Orchard City and the surrounding community is having the opportunity to create strong friendships while serving others. It is here that he discovered his love for the outdoors and for helping people in need.

Walck will be volunteering with the Mountain Rescue team while studying engineering at Western Colorado University. He wants to design and build houses and become a certified emergency service responder.

Report compiled from a Town of Orchard City submission.

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