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Delta City Hall on Main Street.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

When it came down to a decision between appointing either Gerald Roberts, previous Delta City Council member, or William Tedrow to a vacancy on the Delta Planning Commission, the Delta City Council voted in favor of Tedrow after much discussion.

While Roberts was a councilman until last month, Tedrow comes with a background on the Palisade Tourism Advisory Committee and the board for Citizens for Smart Growth.

The vacancy on the Delta Planning Commission was caused when one of the commissioners, Ryan Crick, was elected to the Delta City Council last month, therefore creating a conflict of interest for Crick, leading him to vacate his planning commission seat.

The decision came to the council with difficulty, as the item on the agenda was tabled in order to allow council members to think longer on it.

When the item first came up near the beginning of the meeting, Crick had the first say in the matter, as it was his old position that was being filled. Crick said the decision for him was difficult, but he ultimately said he’d have to go with Tedrow due to his concerns that Roberts had said he wouldn’t do anything differently than he has in the past, and the fact that he liked the energy and ambition Tedrow had to make improvements in Delta.

Crick asked council the question, “Do we really want to go the pace Gerald wants it?”

To the council, Roberts’ assertion that he wouldn’t change anything was the main point of concern, while his many years of experience and knowledge about the City of Delta stood out as his main strength, as well as stepping up and wanting to join the planning commission after losing the election for council last month.

Mayor Nathan Clay gave no clear preference one way or another but shared the same concern. “We heard [Roberts] say twice, ‘I wouldn’t do anything different,’” Clay said.

Councilman Mark Broome vouched for Roberts the whole time, while Councilman Kevin Carlson also said he was apt to “lean towards Gerald.”

“Mr. Roberts’ background is impeccable,” Broome said. “His knowledge of city ordinances and everything that we have here, he understands every bit of it. That’s huge.”

All members of council agreed with Broome’s statement but weighed that with the experience of other commissioners and also Tedrow’s ambition. Upon Clay’s suggestion, they tabled the decision until the end of the meeting in order for the council to weigh pros and cons so that they could, as Clay put it, make a decision “in the best interest of Delta.”

When the motion came back up at the end, Crick nominated Tedrow and Broome nominated Roberts. Crick’s motion received a second from Councilwoman Cathy Boyd, while Broome’s nomination received no second. The council voted all in favor of appointing Tedrow to the vacancy, with the exception of Broome, who abstained from voting.

Tedrow is appointed to serve until the end of Crick’s original term, which will expire on March 31, 2022.

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