Dear Editor:

I am writing to request the Delta Board of County Commissioners (BOCC):

(1) Withdraw from your arrangement with Garfield County in which you have allowed Garfield County Commissioners to submit comments to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regarding the Senate Bill 181 regulations on behalf of Delta County residents.

The Garfield BOCC does not represent me or any other resident of Delta County. None of the candidates for the Garfield BOCC were on my ballot in the last election; consequently, I had no right to vote for them.

Likewise, Garfield BOCC does not have the right to speak for me or any resident of Delta County.

You were elected to represent residents of Delta County and should submit comments on our behalf. Failure to do so is an abdication of your responsibilities.

Further, your comments should represent the views of those residents of Delta County who live near oil and gas development and will be negatively affected by this development -- the residents of the North Fork Valley. As you are well aware from the many past public comment periods on oil and gas development, residents of the North Fork Valley overwhelming support strong protections for our air quality, water quality, domestic and irrigation water quantities, wildlife, and wildlife habitat. Support for these protections should be reflected in your comments.

(2) Initiate a moratorium on oil and gas applications in Delta County until the county complies with the law of the land, SB 181. This law establishes protection of public health, safety, the environment, and wildlife as the top priorities when it comes to reviewing applications for oil and gas development. A moratorium would allow time for Delta County to revise its oil and gas regulations to prohibit degradation of our air and water quality, and ensure no adverse impact on North Fork Valley farmers' and ranchers' water quantity or water rights.

Robin Smith



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