I’m grateful we live in an area thus far unaffected by riots and murders. I am especially thankful that we have wonderful, caring, efficient police forces in Delta County. Thank you, officers, for the work that you do every day. I am very sorry that a small, violent group has made law enforcement jobs harder and even more dangerous. Please know that we really appreciate you.

I just read the best article ever: What is Happening in America, by Larry Alex Taunton, larryalextaunton.com/2020/07/understanding-what-is-happening-in-america-a-christian-response/ Please read.

I disagree with giving newspapers tax credits (“Wick Communications backs bill for tax credit”, DCI, 7/15/20). Yes, newspapers have lots of online competition now, but many newspapers have lost subscribers by becoming more liberal than their rural readers. Examples: Delta County Independent, Grand Junction Sentinel.

There are doctors who say non-surgical masks slow the virus’s spread, and doctors who say they don’t work and they’re bad for your health. Masks should not be mandated. If you’re afraid, wear one or stay home, but please leave the rest of us alone. Figures have been manipulated to make this seem more deadly than it is. We don’t freak out about the flu; we shouldn’t for this. Certainly not in Delta County, total deaths one.

I’m sorry for those people who grew up without learning respect for people and property, and who have learned a warped sense of history from their misguided teachers. They have become communism’s “useful idiots”, creating chaos in the country that has offered more opportunity to more minorities than any other on earth. So sad.

If you’re moving to our rural area to escape the horrible urban rioting, welcome. However, don’t bring your city ways with you. Learn how to fit in. We don’t want to become what you left.

Angie Many


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