In discussing not lowering fees for marijuana stores, Cedaredge Town Attorney Carol Viner “joked” — “You guys, I’m not cutting breaks on sins. Sins are where you make money for the town, for the betterment of the town. This is not a food bank.”

Golly, it used to be that sins in our culture were frowned on and not a laughing matter. But I guess that if enough folks do it, or vote it in, it no longer qualifies as sin but a revenue source, and to heck with the consequences. The end justifies the means.

Meanwhile, back on Page A4 we read in a five day period, Delta County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 16 persons on 25 warrants and/or narcotic violations. Although not reported, one can bet the warrants were also drug-related. (Those figures don’t include the arrests made in the incorporated Delta County towns.)

As a retired law enforcement officer, somehow the happy family driving the van into Cedaredge so dad can pick up a few joints doesn’t come to mind.

Leonard Maki


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